Vicente Falcão Pereira was born on April 22th of 1946 and started to work in the metallurgical area very early. Throughout their career, he worked with several national and international prestigious companies. He founded his own company in 1992 and based on customer confidence he built up an impressive client portfolio.

The company expands their activities in 2002, by creating a new company with Vicente Falcão’s children. At this time, the company is called Metalúrgica Falcão e Filhos, Lda. This new company has a specialized team in several areas, as engineering and conception.

In 2006, this company started to create their own brand, Falox, developed according customer’s needs. At this time, the company made big internal improvements and started to face new national and international challenges.

Customers were mainly intern market once their head office is located in Portugal. The intention of founders was always to increase its customers portfolio and drive company to international markets. The company’s policy consists in increase customer satisfaction and continuous development of new soluctions and materials, specifically ISO 9001 with investments until 2018.




The Metalúrgica Falcão vision is supported on a permanent quest for continuous improvement to satisfy the market needs and keeping usual levels of competiveness.


Metalúrgica Falcão is committed to contribute to the development and innovation of metallurgical products, increasing its business capacity through the innovations and customer satisfaction.


Construction Works









The company works daily to answer the needs of their customers, in order to achieve their trust and quality relationships, searching new products.

Continuous Improvement

Metalúrgica Falcão dedicates all of its efforts to achieve new levels of excellence and continuous improvement. The qualification and training of its employee’s results in new products and process executed with high control.


The company policy is based on consumer satisfaction, allow them an excellent quality of executed products.


The company started a develop process of own products, thinking of consumer needs and new trends of the market.